About us


We are very pleased that you have chosen our agency. We guarantee you high quality of service, quick response and high attention to all details regarding your wishes.

Our agency is always in the process of growth and development. Not only does our team work to increase quality, speed and new offers, but also our models constantly increase the level of professionalism, and study new trends, styles and professional tasks that appear on the model market.


Our agency has a unique database of high-quality models that have passed the strictest selection and qualitatively trained in the intricacies of the modeling career.

Our agency is ready to prepare models for your project in the shortest possible time, even if it is a highly specialized task or to carry out the necessary project for you with the participation of our team, which includes professionals from different branches of the modeling, artistic and advertising business.

Our agency is always ready to provide you with many different creative solutions to your idea and to realize even the most insane wishes.


Brima started designing clothes in 2010, with her own designs and creations in her head.

The designs and creations did not exist in regular and standard shops or in studios.

So Brima started designing clothes for herself first.

She was always been fascinated to create and express her own look.

But the idea to design clothes professionally came only a few years later.

Brima was very interested in Japanese traditional culture at the beginning and started making kimonos.

In September 2013 she had her first kimono presentation at a fashion show and there she got to know and appreciate my longtime business partner and photographer, with whom she still works today.

Over time, she learned a good deal about designing clothes and working together with a variety of models and their agencies.

However, it disturbed her from other conventional modeling agencies and so she decided to set up her own agency.

In June 2015 she got the first models and in the following months she started with different workshops, where she learned to the young models how they present themselve and how they run on the catwalk.

She started giving professional courses in September and rented her own practice room.

In February 2016, she realized that only learning the models does not show all their possibilities.

Therefore, model courses are offered in addition to the modeling agency.

From that time on, she started looking for models to do a professional job.

Since that time we are constantly working on the growth and development of the agency and the models themselves.

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